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Welcome to Mohawk Bison
Mohawk Bison, established by owner Peter Fay in 2007 on his families former dairy farm, is settled on the outskirts of Goshen, CT located in the scenic hills of Litchfield County. Preserving his ancestors’ dedication to quality and sustainability, Peter strives to farm in a manner that provides balance between the animals and the land.  

Keeping in harmony with the bison's natural genetic make-up, they are fed the way they are accustomed to, enjoying the open fields of their 60 acre farm. They are never subjected to questionable drugs, chemicals or hormones. 

Mohawk Bison ®  47 Allyn Road, Goshen, CT  06756  mohawkbison@snet.net
Mohawk Bison offers top quality, USDA, hormone and drug free, farm fresh bison meat. 
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